There are two ways to approach modern man style and fashion: dress to keep up with the newest fads (e.g. flannel tops or wacky socks), or adhere to classic men’s style. Personally, I believe the timeless style strategy is best, and this article I plan to explain to you . Let’s begin!

Dressing with fashion changes everything.

Well, perhaps not everything. However, becoming a nicely dressed person will alter how society perceives you. Some Common consequences of appearing sharp:

You’ll Get more attention (and compliments), particularly from girls

You may discover smart ass comments from men who can not (or won’t) dress nicely

You will feel more confident and at ease (this result could be permanent)

You may develop an appreciation for many others that make an effort to look great


Step 0: Getting comfortable with the Notion of dressing nicely

You need to convince yourself that it is very good to dress nicely. This is essential. Be familiar with the concept of forever changing the way you look. Give yourself the permission to reap the benefits.

In addition, realize there is a difference between fashion and style. Fashion is all about displaying the hottest in designer tendencies, while men’s design seldom changes over time. The objective isn’t to have the clothes do the speaking for you. Rather, the concept is to locate and create your own picture. A method of showing the world that you are, before you say or do anything.

Step 1: Getting the most of your body

As a general principle: the more healthy you’re, the greater most clothes will appear on you.


You’ve heard it before. If you’re overweight, focus on slimming down. If you’re underweight or slim, focus on gaining some mass and build muscle. A fantastic ideal to target is your timeless v-shape: at least a 10 inch”drop” between your torso and waist measurements (as an instance, a 42 inch chest and 32 inch waist size). This isn’t simple, but it could be achieved if you maintain a fantastic exercise regimen and be sure you’re eating healthy.

Measure 2: Eliminating the unnecessary

There are numerous traps on the path to dressing nicely.

White socks. There’s no reason to have any, unless they’re ankle socks that you wear while working out.


Torn or patterned jeans. Entirely unnecessary. Keep it simple: stick with dim (preferably unwashed) denim.

Graphic tees. All these come back with a vengeance, and sign immediately that the wearer doesn’t have any interest whatsoever in dressing nicely. They’re distracting and juvenile.


Step 3: Coaching your attention and rebuilding the wardrobe

Congratulations. If you have made it through to the point, it means you are intent on looking great.


You now have to Construct your new wardrobe nearly from scratch:

Adhere to the most versatile men’s things — dark blue lace, button-down shirts tops, strong pants, v-neck tees, gray or navy sport jackets, and two-button suits (charcoal whether it is your first match ). Variations of these can be more than sufficient to get a great wardrobe.


Measure 4: Assessing fit

Everything needs to fit nicely. That is non-negotiable, and also a basis of classic men’s style.


Locating a fantastic tailor made needs to be your first order of business. Most acceptable dry cleaning areas may also do alterations — assess out the prices and read reviews. Send in 1 top for adjustments to start with. When it is a fantastic location, stick with it.

Step 5: Placing your own style

The actual fun starts when you start breaking the rules.

You don’t need inspiration or assistance from other people, but you won’t deny it.


You begin introducing your personal thoughts and alterations, and begin looking for individual things you know will work good on your wardrobe. Odds are, you’re already somewhat of a fashion icon in the regional neighborhood or social circles.

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